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kpd bakes

KPD Bakes is a small home-bakery in Coonoor run by a local baker who wanted to convert passion into a profession! Through design and photography, I helped the baker achieve her goals through by advertising her products on digital platforms such as Google, Instagram, TripAdvisor, etc.

Hema Sancheti (50 × 85mm).png
Hema Sancheti (50 × 85mm) (1).png


Vitrag Group is a real-estate company in Coonoor whose aim is to sell comfortable and beautiful homes to their customers. For the company, I took various photographs that could be displayed on their brochures and various online platforms!


Chinmaya International School is one of the top-ranked schools in the world! Studying here has given me the opportunity to develop my skill sets. Here are some of the designs I've created and photographs that I've shot for various occasions and events that have taken place at school.

Hema Sancheti (50 × 85mm) (2).png

divya art

Divya is a young, 10-year-old budding Artist doing wonders with her interest! I decided to help her create an online platform where she could display her work and receive recognition for what she's doing at such a young age! For her, I've designed various creatives and photographed her products that she could showcase.

TEDxYouth - CIRS

TEDxYouth@CIRS is an independently organised event in affiliations with CIRS. As the core member, and the head of technical team, my work is showcased here!

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